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Mutiny Shaving Kit


The Mutiny Box contains all shaving essentials so you can get that perfect shave time and time again. This box also makes a great gift!

The Mutiny Shave box includes:
-3 piece double edged safety razor
-5x replacement stainless razor blades
-1x synthetic bristled, wooden handled shaving brush
-1x handmade, natural vegan friendly shaving soap
Everything in the box is reusable, recyclable, vegan, animal and eco-friendly!
How to change your blade:

Razor is chrome plated metal
Stainless steel blades
Shaving brush is made of nylon fibre & Oak handles with vegan, Danish oil finish
Shaving soap is natural and free from Parabens and SLS
Storage/Cleaning & Care:
Store in a dry place
Change razor blade as often needed
Cardboard boxes
Paper soap wrapper
End-of-Life Disposal:
Razor and blades can be recycled with metal products
Shaving brush bristles should be removed and recycled (if possible, in your local area)
Shaving brush handle is compostable
Cardboard boxes and paper soap wrapper are recyclable
Razors are made from a small, family run business in China
Blades are made in Egypt
Soap is natural and handmade in Durham and cruelty-free