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Hey Girls Menstrual Cup


They’re comfortable, economical, healthier for you and save the planet.
That’s a quadruple win!

Help reduce millions of single-use plastics from entering the ocean each year by switching to a convenient, reusable menstrual cup.
Menstrual cup comes with cloth storage pouch & instructions card
Latex, Phthalate, BPA and Dioxin free
Two Sizes
Small – age under 30 and have not given birth vaginally
Large – age over 30 or have given birth vaginally at any age
100% medical grade silicone, hypoallergenic
Storage/Cleaning & Care:
Clean with warm soapy water, dry and store in pouch
Cloth storage pouch
Silicone, if burned the ash of silicone can be composted
Cloth storage pouch can be sent to textile recycling
Instructions card: recyclable with paper products
Hey Girls is a social enterprise on a mission to end period poverty through their Buy One Give One programme. For each product purchased, Hey Girls will donate a product to a designated school, food bank or women’s centre.
Products are manufactured in China and the EU in factories certified to ISO 9001 and standards of health, safety, equal opportunities + comply with environmental standards. 
Many women seem hesitant to make the switch BUT given personal experience and having spoken to MANY other women about their experiences, the general consensus is that “it takes a little getting used to” BUT once you do, you never want to go back to disposable tampons/pads. If you have any questions, please just drop us an email!