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Hey Girls Reusable Sanitary Pads – Day or Night Pack of 5


Reusable pads for a plastic-free period!

Help reduce millions of single-use plastics from entering the ocean each year by switching to reusable pads. Pads can be used on their own or in addition to a menstrual cup for ultimate protection!
-Buy One Give One Reusable Pads
-High performing fabric to prevent leaks
-Soft, flexible, comfortable
-Washable and quick to dry
-Pack of 5 with wet bag
-Two pin sizes allow pads to be worn with different size underwear
-Two pad sizes available; day or night
-Instructions card included
Made from 2 layers of micro-fibre bamboo and polyurethane (water proof) fabric for leak protection
Storage/Cleaning & Care:
-Pre-rinse with natural soap then soak in cold water to prevent staining and then hand wash the whole pad using natural detergent or pop into the machine after pre-washing in cold water
-Best to air dry as dryers may shrink the fabric
Polyurethane textile bag with metal zipper
End-of-Life Disposal:
Pads and wet bag contain polyurethane fabric which is recyclable but check with your local council to see where it is accepted
Hey Girls is a social enterprise on a mission to end period poverty through their Buy One Give One programme. For each product purchased, Hey Girls will donate a product to a designated school, food bank or women’s centre.
Products are manufactured in China and the EU in factories certified to ISO 9001 and standards of health, safety, equal opportunities + comply with environmental standards.