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Biodegradable Bamboo Cleaning Wipes – 100 pack


Eco wipes that get the job done and are kind to the planet

These disposable bamboo wipes can be used as they are (dry) or made into fresh wet wipes by simply adding plain water, herbal infusions or essential oils. They’re as convenient as other disposable wipes but chemical, free, plastic free and are 100% BIODEGRADABLE!

Great for cleaning surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, for wiping up spills or for making your own antibacterial hand wipes. These dry wipes combine the best of luxury, practicality and sustainability! 

The pack of 100 is aprox. 21cm L x 11cm W x 8cm H
100% bamboo fibre
Storage/Cleaning & Care:
Store in a dry container
To make your own wet wipes place a stack of wipes in a leakproof container with your desired liquid and oils and use within a few days.
Kraft paper
End-of-Life Disposal:
The bamboo wipes are biodegradable and compostable
Kraft paper packaging is recyclable
Bamboo wipes are from Edinburgh-based CannyMum who utilises a factory in China certified to ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) which scrutinises the efficiency of machine processes, use of resources and waste management.