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When was echo created?
Echo was launched in November 2019 when we opened our first pop-up shop on Rose Street in Edinburgh. The pop-up ran through January 2019. In addition to our online shop and collection points we will continue to run pop-up shops around the city as often as we can. 
What types of products does echo carry?
We focus mostly on personal care products, while also offering items for your home and cleaning and a few fun, eco-friendly gifts. We've decided to focus on personal care products as we once read these products account for 1/3 of items that end up in landfill. Unfortunately, we can't remember the source of that information (sorry!) but even if that stat is off, we often think of all the hair and skin care products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, razors, etc. that are used by all of us (worldwide!) on a daily basis and how most of these items and their packaging are made of plastic and eventually end up in the landfill or ocean - so this is where we'd like to make a dent in reducing plastic pollution. 
Will you ever carry food? 
Probably not. While reducing plastic from food packaging is REALLY important, other local shops already provide options for low-impact groceries (yay!) and as mentioned above, our focus will always be attacking the plastic pollution problem by developing (a hopefully awe inspiring) range of plastic-free personal care products. 
What if you don't carry a plastic-free brand or product that I like?
Please, let us know! We spend a lot of time researching and testing products and we love the items we have in our shop. BUT we also know that not every product works for every person (especially toiletry items) so are open to carrying multiple brands, so feel free to share your ideas with us!
What does it mean to be “an aspiring B Corporation?”
It means that we are working toward  B Corporation Certification. B Corporation certification is completed through B Lab, a non-profit organisation that uses a rigorous assessment to determine if a company has incorporated the highest level of social, environmental, legal and financial responsibility throughout their entire business. We will begin the certification process as soon as we are able (we must be in operation for at least one year), however, we are already using the preliminary impact tools and assessments as we grow our business so that we will be ready to apply just after our first birthday. We will provide updates as we move through the process!