Qwetch Metallic Rose Gold Insulated Bottle – 500ml
Qwetch Metallic Rose Gold Insulated Bottle – 500ml
Qwetch Metallic Rose Gold Insulated Bottle – 500ml
Qwetch Metallic Rose Gold Insulated Bottle – 500ml

Qwetch Metallic Rose Gold Insulated Bottle – 500ml

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Pretty in pink while saving the planet!

Did you know that worldwide 1,000,000 water bottles are used every MINUTE! Don’t be part of the statistic - especially when lowering your impact has never looked so good! This elegant and leak proof rose gold water bottle from Qwetch is insulated and keeps drinks warm for up to 12 hours or cold up to 24 hours.
Not suitable for carbonated drinks due to pressure build up.
Weight 300g
26.5cm x 7cm diameter
Two layers of unlined 18/8 (304) food grade stainless steel
Stainless steel & polypropylene (PP#5) lid. Only stainless steel comes in contact with liquids in the bottle.
Storage/Cleaning & Care:
Handwash in warm soapy water.
Washing up is made even easier with one of our EcoCoconut bottle brushes!
Certified GOTS organic cotton pouch
Swing tag & cardboard display box
End-of-Life Disposal:
Stainless steel is recyclable with metal
Cardboard packaging is recyclable
GOTS cotton bag is recyclable with textiles or compostable
Designed in France and responsibly manufactured in China in factories with ISO:9001:2008 certifications. These factories are closely monitored by Qwetch for quality and social engagement.


Pretty much, but with a few exceptions which we’ll explain…

Yes, we avoid single-use plastic products and packaging like the plague.
Single use is the type of plastic you use once and throw away, so obviously providing alternatives to single-use is our entire reason for being.

BUT, if we’re being radically transparent (which we are) a couple of our products do contain single-use plastic *components* - those being our Zao mascaras and eye liners. These items have single use PET plastic containers that fit inside the bamboo exterior. Once they’re used, they can be recycled but, by definition they’re single-use plastic. While not ideal, our Zao mascaras and eyeliners are SO much better because they use waaaay less plastic, they’re refillable and they’re free from petro-chemicals so they’re definitely a step forward, even if they’re not a perfect solution.

Also, even though most of our products are made from wonderfully reusable materials like glass, metal, organic cotton and bamboo, a few items do contain some element of plastic - i.e. our reusable sandwich bags that are made from cotton but have an interior plastic liner. In this instance, plastic is what allows the items to be reusable and perform its destiny of replacing plastic Ziploc-style plastic bag and single-use plastic cling film.
While it’s fairly obvious why we use plastic in the instances that we do, we still avoid sweeping statements like “we’re 10000% plastic free” because greenwashing is such a growing problem, so we want to make sure we give YOU all the information so you can make informed decisions as a consumer based on accurate information.
Also, if you want to see what a product is made of, just check out the “Materials/Ingredients” section in the product description so you can see exactly what the product and its packaging is made of.

We are *almost completely* palm-oil free.

Avoiding palm-oil is HUGE for us, but even with that said the refillable mascara and liquid eye liners that we carry from Zao do contain Glycerin, which is a derivative of palm-oil. Zao sources only RSPO certified palm derivatives to ensure the greatest responsibility possible (yay!) but again, we still want to give you all the facts - it's what we call radical transparency!

All other products are palm free.

Yes, 100%.


First, we’d just like to say, we love our suppliers! We work with companies that share the same commitment to social/environmental sustainability and many are also small business owners too – yahoo!

The majority are UK headquartered, some of whom make their own products in-country, while others have manufacturing in China or India. If that’s the case, we ask them to provide info/certs on the factory conditions to verify social and environmental responsibility and they’re always happy to do so… again, this is why we choose to work with like-minded companies! In addition to UK suppliers we also work with a few companies from Europe or the US when we can’t find a specific item locally.

You can see where each product is made in the description section, under “Ethics.”


Of course! We use recycled cardboard boxes, Kraft paper, paper tape and green Jiffy padded envelopes. We also reuse incoming packaging as often as possible with our outgoing orders to keep our processes as circular as we can! 
Even though our packaging is recyclable, we encourage customers to reuse it if possible and keep the circular cycle going!

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